Eric Holder Meets the Press and the Lois Lerner State

Attorney General Eric Holder holds an off-the-record meeting and pledges to make changes at the DOJ. The IRS targeting of conservatives is just a symbol of too much government power, says Rich Lowry (who joins us on the Right.) In a tremendous societal shift, a Pew study shows forty percent of households have mothers as breadwinners. The state of Medicare is looking up. It will be fully funded until 2026. Marines in Afghanistan are loosing late-night hot meals. Russian economist Sergei Guriev flees Russia, saying he no longer feels safe there. Lawrence Lessig pushes for small dollar funding of politics. (Rounding out our roundtable is Chrystia Freeland.)

Banner image: Chrystia Freeland, one of many mothers who has become the household's main breadwinner, conducting an interview at a 2011 Reuters event