Gay Marriage: State or Civil Right?

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President Obama, prompted by his number two, says he thinks gay marriage should be legal, but he doesn't propose changing any laws. Is this a civil rights issue that demands federal attention, or a matter for the states to figure out for themselves? Also, JP Morgan Chase makes a $2 billion bad bet and reignites the debate over bank regulation. What does it mean if the "best of the banks" can't get it right? Meantime, the French election has austerity proponents afraid of re-socializing the Euro, and Indiana Senator Richard Lugar gets booted in a primary race that could herald a new era of ideological warfare in America's once-most deliberative body. (Joining us today is guest panelist David Frum.)

Banner image: Ray Durand (L) and Dale Shields (R) kiss while having their picture taken after their wedding ceremony at Manhattan's City Clerk's Office in New York. Photo by David Handschuh/AFP/Getty Images



Jacob Conrad