How has the response to Hurricane Harvey been?

Record rains from Hurricane Harvey have devastated Houston. Journalist Erica Grieder joins us from Texas as the state turns toward recovery. We talk about responses, from President Trump down to neighbors being neighbors. What’s raising the risk of flood damage across America? David Roberts from examines city planning choices and climate change. Was President’s Trump's tax reform speech populist, as it was billed to be? David Frum's panic level about President Trump is still high. And Mark Harris from New York Magazine says Taylor's Swift's new single is the first piece of pure Trump era pop art.

LRC Panel
Josh Barro
(Senior Editor at Business Insider) moderates from the Center. Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. On the Left is Matthew Yglesias (Senior Correspondent at Vox). Our special guest is Erica Grieder (Texas journalist). David Roberts writes about energy and climate change at Vox.

Panic Temperature Test
David Frum
(Senior Editor at the Atlantic) 

One-on-One/It's Been Busy
Mark Harris
(Vulture Columnist)

Photo: REUTERS/Rick Wilking