Israel, Nukes and the GOP

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President Obama's trip to Israel represented a new approach, with favorable reviews from the young and a feeling of forward momentum. His well received speech was more about process than substance but provided a framework for next steps. Will his second term bring about positive foreign policy steps? Will Israel strike Iran – with or without US support -- if nuclear development continues? Would a nuclear ban be enforceable? Iraq ten years later -- did not turn out the way supporters of the war imagined and was far more costly in dollars and lives. History will judge if we were lied into the war, if we should have gone for containment and if we should have quit the war when we did. Also, a GOP autopsy shows that the RNC recognizes real problems within the Republican Party. This week we're joined by Rich Lowry (National Review) and Robin Wright (US Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson International Center).




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