Jobs; BP and BHO; Israel-Gaza; The Gores

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The jobs report is a mixed bag, but not necessarily good news for the recovery as public sector employment was up but not private sector jobs. Frum says the stimulus acted only as pain relief, not a recovery cure. Scheer says we're in the same situation as Japan but that public employment got us out of the Great Depression. Miller says stimulus helped us stop bleeding but that so much debt is tough to slough off. Scheer blames Wall Street, period. BP's failures to stop the oil have caused unrealistic expectations of what Obama can or should have done and the media's feeding the fray. Should America even be producing oil? Frum says Israel's attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla was just a ruse on the part of Turkey to create a crisis and move toward nationalism and away from the West. And what does the announcement of the Gores separation say about the state of marriage? (Arianna Huffington is away; David Frum sits in for a vacationing Tony Blankley)

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