Juan Williams; Fannie/Freddie; Mid-terms; UK Austerity

NPR's firing of  Juan Williams has create a firestorm of negative publicity and political calls to defund public broadcasting. Is there such a thing as separation between so-called objective versus opinion media? How much is the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac mortgage mess really costing American taxpayers? In the last ten days before mid-terms, who will turn out to vote? Will age or ethnicity make the difference, and in whose favor? What will the message of the elections be? Also, the UK is headed toward an austerity program, looking for spending restraints to help balance their budget. Is this a lesson for the US? (David Frum sits in for an ailing Tony Blankley.)






 Don't Vote ad by Latinos for Reform


Sharron Angle's TV ad says Harry Reid voted to buy Viagra for child molesters & rapists


Jerry Brown's Twins ad



Banner image: Juan Williams on Fox TV News' The O'Reilly Factor