Leaving Iraq: Better or Worse Off?

As the last US combat troops leave Baghdad, what's America's legacy in Iraq? Regardless of the origins of the war, a brutal dictator was toppled and a democratic system is finding its legs. But what does it mean that the new leadership has strong ties with Iran, America's current worst enemy? On Capitol Hill the parties switch sides, with Democrats fighting for -- Republicans against -- a tax break. Meanwhile the SEC is taking former Fannie and Freddie execs to court. And a fighter for often unpopular views, Christopher Hitchens, loses his fight with cancer. (Tony Blankley is away. Joining us as special guest panelists are Chrystia Freeland, Editor at Large at Thompson-Reuters, and Mark Tapscott, Editorial Page Editor for the Washington Examiner.)

Banner image: US military personnel stand under an Iraqi flag after a casing ceremony where the United States Forces-Iraq flag was retired, signifying the departure of American troops from Iraq, at the former Sather Air Base on December 15, 2011 in Baghdad, Iraq. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images