Matt Miller & Mitt Romney Say Goodbye, Keystone Pipeline, Greece and the Ukraine

Mitt Romney announces he will not run again for the Republican presidential ticket. Chrystia Freeland says it looks like this year is the year that the Republican party has discovered the middle class. The Senate approves the Keystone Pipeline, despite not having enough votes to overturn a presidential veto. The Pipeline would create jobs in the US. David Frum says President Obama is trying to take credit for falling oil prices, yoga master style, after opposing legislation to make it happen. A sweeping win by the Greek radical leftist party Syriza may signal that a Gr-exit from the Euro is possible. Matt Miller leaves Left, Right & Center.

A report by the Center for American Progress calls out the need for sharing economic growth.

David Frum writes in the Atlantic about the destablized Euro.

Matt Miller moderates from the Center. Joining him are Robert Scheer ( on the Left, and David Frum (The Atlantic) on the Right. Chrystia Freeland (Canadian member of Parliament) rounds out the Center.

Banner Image: Mitt Romney waves; Credit: Gage Skidmore