Obama's New NSA Plans

A heated discussion about President Obama's new plans for the National Security Agency. Bob Scheer agrees with Rand Paul's criticism of the speech, who gave the President an A for effort and a C for content. Rich Lowry thinks the new plan for metadata just kicks the can down the road and doesn't change a program that has not seen abuses. Kristen Soltis Anderson (Vice President of the Winston Group and our special guest who joins from the Right) urges everyone to examine the voting on the Amash Amendment. She says the speech was meant to shift public opinion, but it's unclear if it worked -- Pew shows 70% of Americans think data being collected winds up being used for other purposes. But public opinion about the program varies widely, according to Politico.com. And a heated debate over whether the IRS know more than the NSA does about us. And finally, can anyone stop Hillary?