Romney In London

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Mitt Romney touches down in the UK and immediately touches off a firestorm with his doubts and concerns about whether the Brits can pull off an Olympic Games.   It’s on to Poland and then Israel.  Former CitiGroup CEO Sandy Weill has come out saying the Too-Big-To-Fail banks ought to be broken up by regulators.  Why wasn’t that such a great idea back when he was in charge at one of those TBTFs?  Hmmm.  And Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner tells Congress that way back in ‘08, when he ran the New York Fed, he got wind of interest rate-rigging by Barclays and the other banks involved in the LIBOR scandal.  He just didn’t go to then-Attorney General Mukasey with what he knew.  Why isn’t the GOP making a bigger deal of that?  Hmmm.  And a week after the deadly movie theater shootings in Aurora, CO, still no substance from either Obama or Romney on how to keep guns out of the wrong hands.  Spoiler alert: Matt Miller predicts Paul will sing “Hey Jude” and ask everybody in the whole world---or at least everybody tuning in---to sing the Na-Na-Na-Na, etc part with him.



Jacob Conrad