The Rorschach Debate

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How did the vice presidential candidates do in their only debate of the campaign? That depends on your vantage point. It's the ultimate Joe Biden Rorschach test. Some saw him as overly aggressive. Others thought he pointed out the Romney/Ryan weaknesses where they needed exposing. Most agree the lively debate did not change any minds, but the candidates pleased their bases. Moderator Martha Raddatz got high marks, but as a foreign affairs correspondent did she cover domestic issues enough? And why do seniors trend Republican? All eyes are on next Tuesday's presidential debate. (Bringing us the conservative view this week is Matt Lweis, senior contributor to the Daily Caller.)



Banner image: Vice President Joe Biden (L) debates Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan (R) during the US vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky October 11, 2012. Photo by Matt Sullivan/Reuters