The Syrian Quagmire, Bradley Manning and College Costs

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President Obama expresses concern about the latest use of chemical weapons in Syria. What's a Superpower to do? France and England have taken unilateral action, but when will the US act there and in Egypt? Richard Haass says America must respond. Charles Krauthammer says Egypt is a zero sum game. Bradley Manning is sentenced to 35 years for leaking classified material, and says he wants to begin hormone therapy while in custody. Was justice done for the Army private responsible for the largest leak in US history? Obama goes on the road and proposes a new college tuition plan that rates schools. The March on Washington celebrates 50. Weighing the successes and failures. (Matthew Continetti brings the conservative view. )

Banner image: Leaders marching from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC,  August 28, 1963. Photo: Rowland Scherman for USIA