Tumult in the Arabian Peninsula, SOTU, NY Corruption

How will Saudi Arabia's new King Salman manage the challenges of the region after King Abdullah's death? Is Saudi Arabia really our greatest ally? If so, Bob Scheer says "we are in really deep trouble." How was President Obama's State of the Union speech received? New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is indicted on corruption charges. "It's depressing the personal choices people make," said Matt Miller about the millions of dollars Silver received in bribes and kickbacks. The European Central Bank announced an aggressive bond-buying program. Is it too little too late? Will the Greek exit, or as Matthew Continetti calls -- it the Gr-exit -- be the biggest boon to the European economy?

Matt Miller moderates from the Center. Joining him are Robert Scheer (TruthDig.com) on the Left, and Matthew Continetti (Washington Free Beacon) on the Right. Margie Omero (Democratic pollster, Purple Strategies) is our special guest.

Photo: Army and police officers loyal to the Houthi movement shout slogans as they take part in a demonstration to show support to the movement in Sanaa January 23, 2015.(Khaled Abdullah/Reuters)