US Troops Leave Iraq; NY Mosque; Bloggers Get Their Day!

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With half the team out of town or out of the country, LRC producer Sarah Spitz sits in as a non-opining host. Will the departure of US combat troops absence make Iraqis' hearts grow fonder or will Iran step in to fill the vacuum? What does the future hold? Did anyone really win the war? We offer a moment's reflection on just-announced US-led negotiations between Israel and Palestinians in DC next month, and about the controversy over the Cordoba House mosque. Plus Bob and Tony answer questions from our blog posters.




Banner image: US convoy of the 1st sustainment brigade prepares to go to Iraq to bring back heavy military equipment at an undisclosed US military base in Kuwait on August 20, 2010 after the last combat brigade pulled out of Iraq and crossed into the Gulf state. Photo: Yasser al-Zayyat/AFP/Getty Images



Sarah Spitz