Will Herman Cain Survive? Will Obama Go Negative?

This week Herman Cain's presidential campaign has been scuttled by allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances to women who worked for him while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Cain has emphatically denied he did anything wrong. His campaign has accused Texas Governor Rick Perry, also in the running for the GOP nomination, of instigating the controversy. Also this week our panel discusses President Obama's reelection strategy. With a persistently weakening economy dimming his chances for a smooth reelection, there are some reports from Democratic insiders that Obama is preparing a negative campaign against GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney. We discuss the latest on the Greek debt deal: this week Greece's Prime Minister George Papandreou abruptly called off a referendum which would have enacted broad austerity measures to rescue Greece from spiraling debt. Finally we look at the latest from the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland protests.

Today's guest moderator is Mike Pesca, sitting in for Matt Miller. Chrystia Freeland joins us as a guest panelist.

Banner image: Greek newspapers featuring prime minister George Papandreou amongst the headlines on the front pages are displayed on a newsstand on November 04, 2011 in Athens, Greece. Photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images