Income-based electricity bills, abortion access a year after Dobbs decision

Power bills for millions of Californians will be divided into two categories: fixed and variable charges. Photo by Shutterstock.

Electric bills would be tied to not only how much electricity people use, but how much money households make, according to California Assembly Bill No. 205. It’s drawing praise and criticism.

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade a year ago, more than a dozen states have practically banned abortions, while other states enacted laws to protect the health procedure. 

Why does America, the world’s richest country, have so many people in poverty? Sociologist Matthew Desmond says it’s a choice — in his new book “Poverty, By America.”

Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe will compete in the Women’s World Cup, but the team is missing other key players who are injured. Of the 23 players, 14 have never been to the World Cup.