Rep. Adam Schiff defends his impeachment inquiry against charges that Democrats committed malpractice

Rep. Adam Schiff talks about former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new book, which criticizes how House Democrats ran the impeachment of President Trump. 

“It’s a pretty weak defense, frankly, of John Bolton withholding information from the Congress and the American people at a time when it was very directly relevant to the impeachment. And he can’t explain it other than the fact that he was offered a lot of money for a book,” says Schiff.

Over the weekend, Schiff also dropped his endorsement of LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey. 

He says, “I have respect for Jackie Lacey, who I’ve known for a long time, and I certainly don’t want to say anything to denigrate her. I’m going to rely on what I said in my printed statement. I think this an opportunity to make a profound change in the criminal justice system both locally in Los Angeles but also around the country.”