On film and TV sets, are crews following COVID safety protocols?

Actor Tom Cruise was taped screaming at two crew members on the set of “Mission Impossible 7” in London. He was angry because they weren’t following COVID-19 safety protocols. Filming of the latest “Mission Impossible” movie was already delayed by COVID-19, after a dozen crew members in Italy got sick in October. 

“I think what Tom Cruise was trying to convey in his rant was just the pressure that Hollywood is under just to get back to work and to really take these protocols seriously,” says Rebecca Rubin, film and media reporter for Variety.

In general, the industry has been trying to keep things up and running  during the pandemic under a detailed “return to work” agreement. The safety measures were drafted and agreed upon by the studios and multiple unions. They include regular COVID-19 testing, live audiences only with face coverings, and social distancing on the set. Last month they updated the agreement, requiring producers to notify the unions if anyone tests positive on set.