California’s highest court says police departments may turn over information about officers' misconduct to prosecutors

In a unanimous ruling today, the Calif. Supreme Court said that the LA County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement agencies may give prosecutors an officer’s history of bad behavior when that officer plans to testify in court. If prosecutors have that information, they’re required by federal law to turn over any evidence that could exonerate someone accused of a crime.

Also, Fresno Congressman Devin Nunes is suing Twitter, a Republican strategist, and two anonymous parody accounts for defamation. Nunes and lawyers for Twitter met in court on Friday.  

Finally, a federal appeals court handed down a big ruling that could affect how the U.S. chooses presidents. The court said that members of the electoral college (the people who cast actual votes for president) can vote for whomever they want and can’t be bound by the state’s popular vote.