An election season worth billions. Where’s all the money going?

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An unprecedented amount of money has flooded into campaign coffers this year. President Obama tapped Hollywood elites on behalf of the Democratic party last night. But where, exactly, is that money going? And what are the rules for how it can be used?

President Obama will devote himself to redistricting efforts after he leaves office. It’s a strategy the GOP used after 2008 to take back the House and the Senate. The Republican architect behind that effort is skeptical that Obama can succeed.

What happens if you’re sexually assaulted on a plane? As Los Angeles writer Ariana Lenarsky recently found out, the rules are murky at best.

A new documentary chronicles the secret lives of rats both in America and around the world. Rats is being described as a horror documentary.

Then, a critic at LA Weekly reflects on the difficulties of using a star system to rate restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Mark Fayloga.