Supreme Court strikes down restrictive abortion law. The swing vote is John Roberts

The Supreme Court struck down a controversial Louisiana abortion law that could have forced all but one of the state’s clinics to close. The law would have required doctors performing abortions to have admitting priviledges at a local hospital. It was nearly identical to a Texas law the court struck down a few years ago.

Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the court’s four liberal justices. Four years ago, Roberts took the opposite vote in the identical case out of Texas, siding with the minority to uphold the state’s restriction.

The Supreme Court today also ruled that the president can fire the chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created by Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Roberts said, "The CFPB's leadership by a single individual removable only for inefficiency, neglect, or malfeasance violates the separation of powers."