The ‘big one’ is coming. Make plans with friends and family now

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“Although the earthquake is inevitable, the disaster is not. And many of the losses can be prevented,” says seismologist Lucy Jones. Photo by Shutterstock.

California is susceptible to the earthquakes that recently devastated Turkey and Syria. Seismologist Lucy Jones gives tips on preparing.

Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains is a popular destination for Angelenos and tourists. But it’s also deadly, even for experienced hikers, especially in the winter.

During President Joe Biden’s annual State of the Union address tonight, he’s expected to defend his infrastructure and manufacturing record, and reassure Americans on their economic worries.

The new Netflix docuseries “African Queens” explores the lives of some of the most powerful women in the continent’s history. It debuts on February 15.

For the Super Bowl, try making your own umami-rich, layered Philly cheesesteak sandwich on a griddle at home for the ultimate customized flavor.