Republicans push unorthodox theories in impeachment hearings

Ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes of Calif., gives his opening statement as Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testify as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump in Washington, November 19, 2019. Photo credit: Shawn Thew/Pool via REUTERS

Today while questioning Alexander Vindman on Hunter Biden’s alleged dealings in Ukraine, Congressman Devin Nunes said, “Did you know that financial records show a Ukranian natural gas company, Burisma, routed more than $3 million to the American accounts tied to Hunter Biden?” Vindman said this wasn’t something he was aware of. 

Other ideas Nunes and the White House are pushing: Ukraine was involved in hacking the 2016 election, and The Hill journalist John Solomon knew about it the whole time.