'Life of the Party' and women's empowerment

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Our critics review “Breaking In,” starring Gabrielle Union as a mother fighting to protect her children during a home invasion; “Life of the Party,” a comedy about a mom (Melissa McCarthy) who goes to college with her daughter; “The Seagull,” a new take on the classic play; “Lu Over The Wall,” an animated adventure about a middle school kid from a fishing town that was once home to merfolk.


William Bibbiani - film critic, and co-host of the podcasts Canceled Too Soon and Critically Acclaimed - @williambibbiani, Katie Walsh - reviews films for the Tribune News Service and the Los Angeles Times - @katiewalshstx

Madeleine Brand

Gina Pollack, Sarah Sweeney, Michell Eloy, Amy Ta, Christian Bordal, Quinn O'Toole, Yael Even Or