‘Black Adam’: Noisy slog doesn’t help superhero genre, says critic

In “Black Adam,” Dwayne Johnson plays a man who was imprisoned after receiving powers of the Gods, and some 5000 years later is released into the modern world. Credit: YouTube.

Critics review new film releases. “Black Adam” is the latest DC superhero movie starring Dwayne Johnson. “Aftersun” is a father-daughter drama written and directed by first-time Scottish filmmaker Charlotte Wells, who explores her own real-life relationship with her dad. “The Banshees of Inisherin” is about two lifelong friends who live on an island off the coast of Ireland. “Ticket to Paradise’ is a romantic comedy starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts as a divorced couple trying to stop their daughter from making the same mistakes they think they made 25 years ago. “Wendell & Wild” is a stop-motion animated feature from Jordan Peele, who stars alongside Keegan-Michael Key.