Abigail Disney comes out against her family’s company for pay inequity

Disneyland workers demonstrate and call for better wages and working conditions outside the park in Anaheim. Credit: Fork Films.

Abigail Disney, the great niece of Walt, has spent years calling out the company for not paying its workers a living wage. She co-directed the new documentary called “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales.”

Hurricane Ian is the first major storm to hit the Tampa Bay area in more than a century. Like many coastal regions, its population has rapidly grown.

Explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines have disrupted natural gas supplies to Europe. Meanwhile, thousands of military-aged men are fleeing Russia after Putin mobilized reserve forces.

Prop 30 is a tax increase on people making more than $2 million per year — to fund climate programs. Most of California’s Democratic establishment endorses it — except Gov. Newsom.

As Angel City Football Club nears the end of its first season, it has drawn thousands of fans, sold out games, and attracted more sponsorship revenue than expected.