Did Russia sabotage 2 pipelines that deliver natural gas to Europe?

Unused pipes for the Nord Stream 2 Baltic gas pipeline are stored on the site of the Port of Mukran. After a pressure drop was detected in a short time for the two Baltic Sea pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, three leaks have now been identified. Doubts about an accident are growing. September 27, 2022. Credit: Stefan Sauer/dpa via Reuters.

After the European Union imposed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, Russia retaliated by cutting off Europe from two natural gas pipelines. On Monday, explosions damaged the Nord Stream pipelines, and the EU today called it “a deliberate act” and used the word “sabotage.” It’s not clear who did it, and Russia denied responsibility. Meanwhile, thousands of Russian men are fleeing the country to avoid serving after President Vladimir Putin mobilized his country’s reserve forces. Anti-war protesters continue to be arrested.



  • Daniel Fried - distinguished fellow at The Atlantic Council