Barbara Sukowa on ‘Two of Us,’ a French film about aging women in love

“Two of Us” is a new french film about two older women, Nina and Madeleine, who live in France and are in love. They each have apartments on the same floor, which they plan to sell so they can move to Rome and live freely. But Madeleine can’t bring herself to tell her adult children about her relationship. And when Nina discovers her betrayal, she storms off in a rage.

Before they can make up, Madeleine suffers a debilitating stroke. She can no longer speak. Her children sweep in to take care of her, and Nina has to pretend she’s just a friendly neighbor.

“Two of Us” is France’s entry for the Oscars this year. It was just nominated for a Golden Globe award.

German actress Barbara Sukowa plays Nina in “Two of Us.” Her breakout role was in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's “Berlin Alexanderplatz.”