Art collector hid treasure in the Rocky Mountains 10 years ago. Someone found it this summer

Deep in the Rocky Mountains is a cache of gold nuggets, gemstones, and ancient artifacts estimated to be worth at least $1 million. It belonged to Forrest Fenn, an art collector and author from New Mexico. The only clues he gave about its location came in a poem he wrote for his 2010 memoir. In the decade since, treasure hunters searched the west hoping to find it. At least five people died trying.

Forrest Fenn died in September at the age of 90. But not before he met the man who finally found his treasure. That man revealed his identity this week. He’s a 32-year-old medical student named Jack Stuef.  

Daniel Barbarisi spoke with Stuef for a story out now in Outside Magazine. He’s also writing an upcoming book about the decade-long hunt for Fenn’s treasure, called “Chasing The Thrill.”