California cases plunge, LA has no deaths in past 2 days. How did we turn it around with COVID?

LA County has had two straight days of zero COVID-19 deaths. Barbara Ferrer, director of the county’s health department, celebrated on Monday: “Zero deaths yesterday, zero deaths today. … It does provide, obviously, a lot of relief. We're down to an average of four or five deaths a day and that's a huge, huge decrease. And I know it brings a lot of hope and joy back into our families.”

After a devastating winter surge, California is now a national success story. The state currently has the lowest coronavirus case rate per capita in the U.S., around 30 for every 100,000 people here. Meanwhile, cases are spiking in Washington state and Oregon. So how did California do it?



  • Monica Gandhi - infectious disease doctor and professor of medicine at UCSF