‘Mrs. America’: FX series on Phyllis Schlafly’s fight against Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment was ratified earlier this year by Virginia — the 38th state to do so. That ratification met the threshold needed to become an amendment. 

The only problem: The deadline has long passed. 

The ERA was pushed in the 1970s during the women’s movement. It looked like it would sail to victory. The House and the Senate both passed it. 

But then Phyllis Schlafly took on the ERA. She was a relatively unknown conservative woman at the time. She led a successful grassroots effort in the states, and the ERA died. 

Her story is now being told in “Mrs. America,” a new series on FX, starring Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, and Tracey Ullman.



  • Dahvi Waller - television writer and creator of “Mrs. America”