‘Outside the Wire’: Unoriginal plot doesn’t do its great cast justice, suggests critic

Damson Idris as Harp (left) and Anthony Mackie as Leo (right) in “Outside the Wire.” Photo by Jonathan Prime​/NETFLIX ©2020.

Critics review “MLK/FBI,” a documentary about how Martin Luther King, Jr. was surveilled and harassed by the federal government, featuring newly declassified files; “Outside the Wire,” an action-thriller from Netflix starring Anthony Mackie as a half-man, half-robot super soldier; “The Dig,” about an archaeologist who uncovers a wooden ship from the Dark Ages; “The Marksman,” starring Liam Neeson as a rancher living along the Arizona-Mexico border when suddenly he sees a mother and son on his property. 


Witney Seibold - contributor to IGN and co-host of the podcast Critically Acclaimed - @witneyseibold, Shawn Edwards - film critic and co-founder of the African American Film Critics Association

Madeleine Brand

Sarah Sweeney, Angie Perrin, Michell Eloy, Amy Ta, Rosalie Atkinson, Brian Hardzinski, Bennett Purser