Wisconsin governor gets overruled when trying to suspend in-person voting for primary

Wisconsin’s presidential primary is back on for tomorrow. Earlier today, it was off — the governor had postponed it until June. But hours later, the state supreme court overruled him. The ruling caps about a week of back and forth between Evers -- a Democrat -- and Republicans in the state legislature there. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is weighing a lower court judge’s order to extend Wisconsin’s deadline to submit absentee ballots.

Also, at least six conservative states have tried to restrict access to abortion. They include Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. Their Republican governors say it’s necessary to preserve hospital capacity, and conserve a limited supply of protective gear for doctors and nurses. Federal district court judges blocked nearly all those orders. But last week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals let Texas’ law go into effect on a temporary basis.

Also, about a dozen state governors have signed executive orders to force out-of-state visitors into quarantine because of COVID-19. The federal so far refuses to impose a national stay-at-home order.