Clarifying booster confusion: CA tells all adults to get third COVID shot, feds haven’t said the same

Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday urged all California adults to get a booster shot. At a high school in the San Joaquin Valley, he said, “We are going to see an increase in cases. We have an increase in potential stress on our system. I don’t say that to alarm people. I don’t say that for any other reason than to level-set with folks. … Anyone who wants a booster can get a booster shot. If you have been vaccinated, and it’s been six months, now you can get a booster shot, [age] 18 and over.”

But if you’re confused about whether or not you’re eligible, you’re not alone. California says nobody should be turned away, but that doesn’t match nationwide guidance from the CDC, or with what the state’s vaccine scheduling website MyTurn says.



  • Ron Lin - LA Times reporter who specializes in the COVID-19 pandemic - @ronlin