Here’s Looking at You, Auburn, Somni: Remembering beloved restaurants that LA lost to the pandemic

A number of LA restaurants — high-end and casual — are permanently closing during the pandemic, and each closing affects families of owners and employees. The closures ripple out to all the different industries that service restaurants.

Good Food host Evan Kleiman discusses these restaurants — and pays tribute to them. 

Also, many of these chefs have other restaurants that are still open, which listeners could continue to support.

Not high-end but much beloved

Baco Mercat in downtown LA and Amacita in Culver City - Josef Centeno

Still open: Bar Ama and Orsa and Winston in downtown LA.

Here’s Looking at You in Koreatown - Chef Jonathan Whitener and Lien Ta

Still open: All Day Baby in Silver Lake

Lincoln Pasadena - Christine Moore

Still open: Little Flower Candy Company in South Arroyo

The elite

Trois Mec in Hollywood - Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Still open: Petit Trois in Hollywood

Broken Spanish in downtown LA - Chef Ray Garcia

Auburn near Hollywood - Chef Eric Bost

Bon Temps in downtown LA - Chef Lincoln Carson

The Bazaar in Beverly Hills - Chef Jose Andres

Somni in Beverly Hills - Chef Aitor Zabala and Chef Jose Andres