Why the Hastings law school in SF may change its name

The board of directors of UC Hastings College of the Law voted this Tuesday to change the institution’s name. Photo credit: UC Hastings/Public Domain.

UC Hastings College of the Law is California's oldest law school, and its board of directors voted unanimously on Tuesday to change the institution’s name. This comes after news that its namesake and founder, Serranus Hastings, orchestrated the most violent state campaign against Native people in California history, killing nearly 300 members of the Yuki tribe. For the school name change to be official, it’ll take an act of the legislature and the governor. 

Cities nationwide elected moderate Democrats over progressive candidates on Tuesday. That includes former police captain Eric Adams, who won the mayoral race in New York City. 

The Supreme Court seems likely to strike down a New York law that restricts who can carry guns in public. To get a permit in New York, people must pass a background check and prove that they are unlikely to endanger the public. Six other states, including California, have instituted similar restrictions.

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