Boyle Heights heroes fight ‘wannabe El Chapos’ in ‘Primos’ comics

“Primos” is set between Mexico and LA, focusing on cousins Ricky, Javier, and Gina who protect mankind. Photo courtesy of AWA. Artist: Dave Johnson.

Al Madrigal’s new comic book series, “Primos,” follows three Mexican American cousins of Mayan heritage who come together to save the world from evil.

San Francisco residents voted on Tuesday to recall three school board members, including its president. Mayor London Breed supported the recall and will appoint their replacements.

Politicians on both sides are talking about reforming The Electoral Count Act, which is supposed to tell Congress what to do if there are problems with state voting tallies.

Supply chain issues are causing a shortage of Girl Scout cookies, including in LA. Some areas are extending cookie season to wait on more inventory.

The U.S. announced a few days ago that it’s temporarily banning avocado imports from Mexico after an American produce safety inspector in Michoacán received a threat.