Electoral College drama and American meddling in elections abroad

Donald Trump is expected to win the most electoral votes, despite protests nationwide calling for members of the Electoral College to switch sides. We look at past elections where the popular vote went against the Electoral College.

One reason some are questioning the validity of this election: Russian interference. But the U.S. has its own history of meddling in other countries’ elections.

OxyContin kicked off an opioid epidemic that killed nearly 200,000 Americans in the last two decades. Now doctors aren’t prescribing it as much, so now the company that makes the drug is pushing it overseas.

Sebastian Bach did a lot of drugs when he was lead singer of the hair metal group Skid Row. He talks about that and his career switch to Broadway.

Zsa Zsa Gabor died over the weekend at age 99. She was ahead of her time, mainly famous for being famous.

Photo courtesy of Kelvinsong