Cash incentives to fight drug abuse, decriminalized abortion in Mexico, Britney Spears’ possible freedom

“The problem with addiction and with any substance is that it doesn't feel good to stop … at least in the immediate sense. And so these [payment] incentives provide some immediate something to help kind of push you over and make it worth your while to remain abstinent,” says Bethany Raiff, professor of psychology at Rowan University. Photo by Shutterstock.

California lawmakers are pushing to pay addicts not to use illegal drugs. State Senator Scott Weiner says the strategies would be spearheaded by community organizations and health care clinics that work with meth users. These programs would run for three to four months and cost $300 to $400.

Also, President Biden wants to get nearly half of the U.S.’ electricity from solar power by 2050. Mexico’s Supreme Court has unanimously ruled to decriminalize abortion, whereas Texas is criminalizing it after six weeks. Britney Spears’ conservatorship may be coming to an end. And Good Food host Evan Kleiman offers tips on packing kids’ school lunches.