Beyond the sandwich for kids’ school lunches: Pack fresh fruit, veggies, nuts

Most kids are back in school, and parents may want to pack lunches for them rather than rely on offerings from campus cafeterias. Good Food host Evan Kleiman has some ideas for healthy and delicious foods your kids may actually eat — whether in a paper sack or bento box.

She recommends stepping away from sandwiches once in a while. And a quality lunch box with compartments can be filled with fresh fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, nuts, and a larger item like a tamale, pupusa, or quesadilla. Parents can also repurpose leftovers from the night before, like meatballs or fried rice.

“It's a little smorgasbord of delights,” Kleiman says. “I think that takes less effort because you have stuff already in the fridge or in the pantry. And all you have to do is fill up those little compartments.”

Kleiman says it's also crucial to check in with kids because their favorites change over time. “If you notice there's something they love for dinner, just make a little more of it, and ask them if they want that for lunch.”