You shouldn't say the name ‘Candyman,’ but should you watch the film?

Critics review “Candyman,” a reimagining of the 1990s horror classic of the same name about a hook-wielding boogeyman; “Vacation Friends,” about a couple who’s surprised when two friends they made on a wild vacation show up to their wedding; “No Man of God,” starring Elijah Wood as FBI agent Bill Hagmaier, who serial killer Ted Bundy formed a last-minute complicated relationship with; “He’s All That,” a teen rom-com about a heartbroken high schooler who tries to make a plain classmate his the ultimate rebound.



  • Shawn Edwards - film critic at Fox 4 News and co-founder of the African American Film Critics Association
  • Witney Seibold - contributor to SlashFilm and co-host of the podcast "Critically Acclaimed" - @witneyseibold