How to cope in a world without live sporting events?

Randy Sklar says he’s watching college sports recruiting very closely — to see how new players will shape upcoming seasons. Photo by Amy Ta.

The NFL’s virtual draft drew 15 million sports-deprived viewers. There also hasn’t been any basketball or baseball games. So what are sports lovers doing now? 

Jason Sklar, co-host of the podcast “View from the Cheap Seats,” says he’s showing his son old iconic games. But he says, “It just doesn’t quite compare to watching live sports.”

Randy Sklar, who also hosts “View from the Cheap Seats,” says he’s watching college recruiting very closely. He wants to see who his favorite teams are bringing on, and how those new players will shape the upcoming seasons.


Randy Sklar - host of “View from the Cheap Seats” podcast - @SklarBrothers, Jason Sklar - one half of the Sklar brothers comedy team, and cohost of the “View From the Cheap Seats” podcast - @SklarBrothers

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