Christine Curtiss lived on LA’s streets for years. Now she has her own apartment


KCRW ran a four-part series called “Samaritans” last year, in which reporter Anna Scott followed Christine Curtiss, who had been living on the streets in Mid City for about eight years. Then a group of neighbors started working with Curtiss and called on the county to help get her housed.

For a whole year, Scott followed Curtiss as she tried to navigate LA’s needlessly complicated homeless services system. Over the course of four episodes, listeners learned how Curtiss was able to move to a group shelter in Hollywood. Her story showed why it’s been difficult to get people housed, even after voters approved measures that earmarked hundreds of millions of dollars for homeless housing and services.

Curtiss’ story ended with a promise of permanent housing, which finally came through nearly a year later. Reporter Anna Scott gives this update.