Why overseas orders are taking so long to arrive, and LA gets new movie museum

Cargo ships sit idle off the coast of Long Beach, California, as a person rides a bike along the beach path. Photo by Howard Freshman/Shutterstock.

At the United Nations, President Biden is trying to make the case that “America is back.” But the world may be skeptical, given the U.S.’ dust-up with France over a nuclear submarine deal, the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, and COVID-19 surge. 

Johnson & Johnson has released new research showing that a second dose of its vaccine increases protection against COVID-19. What does this mean for Americans wanting booster shots?

LA and Long Beach ports are clogged, and most crews have to wait more than a week before they can dock their ships, so all the goods they’re carrying are in short supply on land.

Also, Press Play looks at the enduring popularity of “Antiques Roadshow,” and peeks inside the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which is set to open September 30.