Looming Hollywood writers’ strike, Rafael Casal on ‘Blindspotting’

“Over the course of the years, orders for shows have been shorter, the writing time is now shorter. … They put us in things called mini rooms, where we're paid minimum … and we're supposed to come up with the foundation for those shows. … There's a lot a much larger percentage [of writers] who are having trouble just putting together a full year to be able to live in Los Angeles,” says Justin Halpern, television writer and executive producer for ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” and HBO’s “Harley Quinn.” Photo by Shutterstock.

Hollywood writers are demanding better pay, and thousands could walk off the job in two weeks. If a strike happens, viewers can expect more reality TV content.

Rafael Casal’s film-turned-TV series “Blindspotting” is set in Oakland, and uses humor, music, and dance to show what life is like when a loved one is incarcerated.

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