‘Father Soldier Son’ documentary follows an Afghan war soldier and his family for 10 years

The war in Afghanistan has been going on for nearly 19 years. The soldiers who were initially deployed have children who can now be sent there too. Two generations are fighting the same war. Most Americans rarely think about this war now. 

Two journalists followed one family involved in the Afghanistan war for about 10 years. The result is the new documentary “Father Soldier Son” on Netflix. 

Viewers first meet Brian Eisch and his two young sons in 2010. Eisch is coming home for a brief vacation. His boys are beyond excited to see him.  They’re 12 and 7 years old, living with family members. They all hang out and go fishing together. Then the boys cry when their father must return to  Afghanistan. When Eisch returns again, he has lost a leg, and life for the family gets more difficult.