Chef José Andrés on relief efforts after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico

José Andrés had been a critic -- maybe even antagonist -- of President Trump before Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. But when Andrés and his charity World Central Kitchen arrived in Puerto Rico to help, he was shocked by the slow speed of the response. Andrés writes about his experience in a new book called “We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time.”

Volunteers at one of the massive sandwich lines at El Choliseo.

Jose Andres says, "Our friends at Homeland Security Investigations were
one of our earliest partners, distributing our sandwiches to some of the most
remote corners of the island."

Jose Andres says, "I loved supporting the local food economy,
especially when I saw fresh land crabs caught by my friend Papo,
who did all the hard and dangerous work!"

Credit for all: World Central Kitchen