The legal ways rich students get into colleges even if they’re unqualified

Students have filed a class-action lawsuit against the universities named in the college bribery scandal, which includes Stanford, USC and UCLA. Students say they were cheated by an admissions process that was "warped and rigged by fraud." Also, two parents named in the indictment quit the board of trustees of a prominent prep school in Newport Beach. One of the parents is a former CEO of Pimco, a leading Southern California investment firm. The other is part of the family that invented Hot Pockets. Both were accused of paying bribes to get their children into USC. These parents may have broken the law, but there are many perfectly legal ways parents can buy their children into elite universities.



  • Daniel Golden - senior editor at ProPublica, and author of “Price of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges -- and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates”