'Mock album covers' of Gary Cannone: conceptual art meets heavy metal

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Los Angeles artist Gary Cannone supplants images of iconic art pieces into classic album covers to create “mock album covers,” as he calls them. For example, he took elements of Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” album cover and put them over a photo of Walter De Maria’s “Lightning Field,” calling the new piece “Ride the Lightning Field.”

“Walter De Maria: Ride the Lightning Field,” by Gary Cannone, a mock album cover that blends Metallica’s
“Ride the Lightning” with an image of Walter De Maria’s New Mexican land art installation “Lightning Field.”
Credit: Gary Cannone.

"Allan Kaprow: Lick It Up,” 2015, by Gary Cannone, a mock album cover that fuses KISS’s “Lick It Up”
with an image of a work by conceptualist Allan Kaprow titled “Household,” from 1964,
which showed a group of women licking jam off a car. Credit: Gary Cannone.