The House prepares to impeach Trump. Voting is expected this week. What could happen?

Today the House of Representatives introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump, charging him with “incitement of insurrection.”

“Which, in plain terms, means that he encouraged the violence that we experienced at the Capitol last Wednesday with his words, with his actions,” says CBS chief Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes. “And Democrats now tell me that they have the votes that they need in order to pass not just that impeachment resolution on Wednesday in the House, but also a resolution tomorrow calling on Vice President Pence to activate the 25th Amendment and remove the president from office immediately.”

Cordes says that’s not likely, even though President Trump hasn’t spoken to Pence in several days, even after the violent pro-Trump mob at one point chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” Pence hasn’t signaled that he would invoke the 25th Amendment, but also hasn’t signaled he won’t.

“That seems to be a tactic to keep the president in line in these final days, having that Sword of Damocles hanging over him,” Cordes says.



  • Nancy Cordes - chief Congressional correspondent for CBS News